Howdy everybody, Rex here. Cake Town has been progressing very well since it’s beginning, and I figured it could do with a bit more showing off here on the website.

So I went around and took some pictures of the various parts of Cake town, including various community builds and the like. If your construction is not here don’t worry, I nor anyone else has forgotten it, I just tried to make the main focus of all these pictures on what was done rather than focusing on WIPs. (All pictures were taken from ground level if/when applicable)

Welcome to Cake Town
Cake Town’s Main Entrance
An Overview of the Whole City
The Community Shrine to our Cat God
Cake Corp. Rec Park and Town’s Square
Main Street, showing the RedEagle Old Fashioned Diner
MainStreet, showing the criticly acclaimed Calhoun’s Bar
2nd Avenue
More of 2nd avenue, showcasing Cake Town Radio
Corner of 2nd Avenue, showing off Nelly’s Gas Stop
Over at the Residential district
with Angel Works Shipyard's Headquarters in the backround
Residential District part 2
Heil dem Rohr Estate
Also showcasing Tankman's Gas Station
RedEagle Tower
Cake Corporation Offices
Cake Town Power Plant

Now that you’ve seen what we as a community have done so far, it’s high time for you to as well. Come on over to Cake Town at Sector 92, 60, 67 and join the Cake Town Community today!

From Rex, to you 😀