Welcome to Cake Build Server.

This post is to help justify some of the decisions we’ve made recently, just incase the reasoning doesn’t seem clear.

First of all, the hardware.
Since the creation of the server, NFD was hosted with PingPerfect. Now, we love them, they provide nice easy servers that perform really well for communities getting started. Unfortunatly, due to the fact that with any game hosting company, you’re sharing hardware with other servers, we ran into performance issues that couldn’t always be explained by the games state, and with the size our community had grown to, coupled with the games state, we out grew game server hosts as a whole. Also, due to the way the game updates are packaged by Schine, it required PingPerfect to manually make updates available, and that can take quite a while.

So, for our next upgrade, it was sensible that we’d need a dedicated machine. The increase in monthly cost to rent one isn’t as large as you would expect, the performance increase is very noticeable, and we now gain complete control over how it’s run.

Thanks to the new freedom, we’re able run to other things along side the server, which should soon include a wrapper that will automate the admin functionality that staff currently manually have to grant.
It also means we can provide new updates very quickly, and have much better monitoring of the hardware. We’ll also be deploying a proper backup solution shortly, meaning we’ll be able to rescue lost builds with greater ease.

This also means we’re on our own in running the server. No more hosting company to aid us if stuff get really wobbly. The hardware is a rental, so the company hosting it is liable to ensure it remains online, but software is all us. From the game side, we’ve got better connections to Schine now, so we’re able to get help direct from then when things get wobbly, but we still may run into a few issues with stuff like the website, OS, and the tools we make for the server.

Second thing, the new name.
Nova Fleet Dynamics Build Server was initially setup by the leaders of the Nova Fleet Dynamics Faction. However, it has always been intended to be ran independent of the faction and associated politics. Over time, the server increasingly grew further from the faction that founded it, bringing on staff from outside the faction (myself included) and growing into it’s own community. When the faction renamed to TNT, it was decided that NFD would retain it’s name to help maintain recognition.

However, many people still couldn’t separate it from the faction, some believing it was closed off to anyone outside of the faction and it’s allies. However, this has never been true, and we will allow anyone to join us as long as they don’t break our simple rules. So, it was decided while we was deciding on how to handle the upgrade that we would change name to finally separate us from the faction properly. The name was selected by all of the staff after quiet awhile of arguing (some of us being unable to let go of our ideas). We decided on Cake Build Server… probably after I had changed the discord logo to a cake and no one bothered to change it back for months.

So yes, NFD is now gone. CBS is now our home. And it’s off to an excellent start. I’ve said this before, but thank you to our community for sticking with us during the poor performance, the crashes, the NFDed’s and seeing it through to now. Thank you to the 433 whitelisted members. We’ve inevitably got some teething issues ahead of us as we get used to our new hardware and way of running things, so please do report any issues.

That’s enough of the past, onto the future.

First off, this site.
NFD had a site for quite a while, but it was never anything more than a mildly amusing placeholder. However, we never had a centralised place for server news, or projects taking place on the server, like the New Haven build. So this time, we’ll be updating this site with all the cool stuff that happens on the server, aswell as important news. we’ll obviously still post important news to our thread on SMD, but this is going to be a much more focused location, without applications getting in the way. If there is any suggestions anyone has, we’re completely open to new features for the site. We may open up the ability for members in charge of large scale projects to be able to post updates here aswell.

Secondly, the server.
Thanks to the fact we have total control, we’re now able to add a wrapper to the server that will mean admins no longer have to manually grant admin access to new members. This will mean that new members will be able to get started right away, without nagging the staff. We will also be able to expand this wrapper to provide any functionality we like, so please, do offer up suggestions. other than that, in-game should remain the same as it always has done, minus the crashes and poor performance for no reason.