Guys, we’re poor😞

Every month we run into the issue of do I buy cake, or do we pay for the server. Personally, I’d rather cake, but I’m told that’s selfish.

But you can help. With one simple donation, you can allow me to adopt a cake and stuff it in the hole on my face. With one simple donation, you can allow Debris to not spend a night on the street selling every orifice he has. Every donation matters.

Please, donate now and help a cake, simply callĀ

Thank you, and god bless.


Servers cost a lot of money! Ours costs a fair bit monthly.

We currently fund the server ourselves, and intend to do so for as long as possible. However, it is always nice to have some emergency funds to help pay for the server if the situation ever arises that we can not afford it ourselves.

We hate to feel the need to ask our community for money, but we know that sometimes, money comes up short. It’s already happened that generous members of our community have donated to help us through rough months.

The server will always remain free, and donations won’t earn you anything (other than a nice feeling and our gratitude). We’ll make no alterations in-game relating to donations, so don’t worry. No rewards, no donor badges, nothing.

We don’t plan to use this money for anything other than to act as an emergency fund.

therimmer96 and the rest of theĀ Cake Build Server team