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Guys, we’re poor😞

Every month we run into the issue of do I buy cake, or do we pay for the server. Personally, I’d rather cake, but I’m told that’s selfish.

But you can help. With one simple donation, you can allow me to adopt a cake and stuff it in the hole on my face. With one simple donation, you can allow Debris to not spend a night on the street selling every orifice he has. Every donation matters.

Please, donate now and help a cake, simply callĀ

Thank you, and god bless.


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A Week Later

It’s been 1 week since the transition to CBS. The server is doing remarkably well, and has yet to have a single crash. I just wanted to post out some stats and updates so that everyone is up to date. (more…)

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Welcome to Cake Build Server

Welcome to Cake Build Server.

This post is to help justify some of the decisions we’ve made recently, just incase the reasoning doesn’t seem clear.


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