It’s been 1 week since the transition to CBS. The server is doing remarkably well, and has yet to have a single crash. I just wanted to post out some stats and updates so that everyone is up to date.

Since the server has gone live, 66 players have connected to the server.
Together, they have uploaded 270 blueprints, accounting for 2.17GB usage and consisting of 18,444 files.
The universe has grown to 2.32GB and is made up of 14,285 files.
No sectors have been exported yet,  and only 7 sectors have been imported… although all of them are either myself or Nauvran… why aren’t you guys importing anything?!
12098 lines of chat have been spoken, with 15 private discussions taking place.
3 streams (that we know of) have taken place on the server.

Cake Town has been progressing nicely, with the town slowly expanding outwards. Several skyscrapers have started to appear, mostly along the road coming from the main gate.

Lost Galaxy has a new episode that you should go check out, and Jake and Plaz have been at work expanding the station for the show.

Heavens Gate has been imported and seen some small progress.

Quick update regarding server operation.

We have implemented a system to create daily backups of the game server at 4am UK time. Right now, these backups go back 3 days, but will obviously slowly build up. If you ever need something recovering, do let us know. We don’t currently have a system in place to handle old backups, and so they will build indefinitely until we decide on a proper solution.

We’re still planning on adding a wrapper so that admins are no longer required to grant access to commands, but no progress has been made yet.

An auto-update system is deployed, however we’re not 100% certain it will work as an update has yet to actually come out. It checks for a new update every minute, and once it has downloaded it, it will begin the restart. This method of doing it is what was in place on EE and should result in minimal downtime.

We’re debating a donation system, we’ve been informed that a few people would like to help out, and it would be nice to have an emergency fund setup for the server bill.

Once again, it’s all thanks to you that the server, and community, has grown to the scale it has. Lets hope to many more successful upgrades and community projects.